Van Gogh travel grant 2018: Grotius-Pothier selected!

Great news: the Grotius-Pothier project was selected  for the 2018 edition of the Franco-Dutch Van Gogh travel grant! This scholarship will help financing our members’ travel costs.


70th anniversary of the Dutch group of the Association Capitant

September 2017 was particularly rich for the Grotius-Pothier team: many of our membres presented their collaborative work on the reform of French civil liability at the occasion of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Dutch group of the Association Henri Capitant des amis de la culture juridique française, which was organised by dr. Diana Dankers-Hagenaars, in Leiden, on September 21st. The program of the Symposium, with the detail of the Grotius-Pothier members presentations, is available here.

On September 22nd, the autumn Grotius-Pothier general meeting was hold in Leiden. It was the occasion to renew our “bureau”, with Maxime Cormier and Thijs Beumers becoming the group’s coordinators. We also clarified the agenda for the 2017-2018 academic year… more details coming soon!


Maxime Cormier and Thijs Beumers

Ceremony at the Dutch ambassador’s residency in Paris

On June 22nd 2017, the Grotius-Pothier project was publicly presented by some of his membres at a ceremony hold by the Ambassador to the Netherlands in Paris, on the theme “Soutenir la mobilité des jeunes talents français et néerlandais”. This event was hold at the occasion of the prestigious Prix d’Amsterdam award ceremony.


Meeting in Leiden

Our 2017 Spring meeting took place in Leiden on June 8th and 9th. It was the occasion to introduce a new member, Marishka Neekilappillai, to agree on our next subjects of studies for the period 2018-2019, and to prepare our interventions at the Dutch Henri Capitant Association Anniversary celebration, which will take place in Leiden in September 2017. We also completed our application for the Van Gogh travel grant.

Article published in the RIDC

Our latest work on the French Civil Code reform was publish in April 2017 in the Revue Internationale de droit comparé. A copy of our work was formally offered to the Dutch ambassador in France by Pr. A.-G. Castermans and Pr. B. Fauvarque-Cosson.

Meeting in Paris and welcoming new members

In September 2016, the Grotius-Pothier research group met in Paris, hosted by the Dutch Ambassy. Amongst many other things, including the preparation of our next article, this was the occasion to introduce two new active members:

  • Maxime Cormier, who is doing a PhD about the unreasonable forced execution in French Contract Law at the University of Panthéon-Assas (Paris II).
  • Thijmen Nuninga, who is doing a PhD about remedies in Private Law at the University of Leiden.

And in May 2017, our group was joined by:

  • Pauline Ribbers, who is doing a PhD in Dutch Civil procedural Law at the University of Leiden.

Report submitted!

Our comparative law report was officially submitted to the French Chancellerie on July 29th 2016, just in time to meet the 31st July deadline. The amended project, published by the French Ministry of Justice on March 17th, proved to have taken some of our observations into consideration.


Meeting in Leiden

The group met in Leiden on June 20th – 22nd to finalize the report for the Chancellerie with representatives of the Dutch and French departments of Justice in charge of reforming Civil Law. We were glad to be featured on the website of the University of Leiden.